Post Abortion Support

Some women experience strong negative emotions after an abortion. Everyone’s experience is different. Some negative reactions may be immediate, and some occur many years after the abortion.  Post abortion grief can be related to a woman’s age, length of pregnancy, previous mental health, religious or cultural beliefs, or whether she was pressured into an abortion.

Post Abortion Stress is described as the inability to:

  1. Process the painful thoughts and emotions about a crisis pregnancy and subsequent abortion – guilt, anger and sorrow.

  2. Identify the loss that has occurred.

  3. Come to peace with self and others.

Symptoms of Post Abortion Stress may include:

  • Sadness

  • Feeling compelled to conceal an abortion

  • Experiencing prolonged depression

  • Psychological “numbing”

  • Experiencing disturbing thoughts about babies and abortion

  • Having lingering guilt and shame

  • Believing you are unworthy

  • Avoiding relationships or struggling with intimacy

  • Reacting physically and emotionally when abortion is mentioned

  • Anxiety over fertility or childbearing issues

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Engaging in self-destructive behaviour

  • Having thoughts of suicide

If you or someone you know may be experiencing post abortion stress, contact us . All services are free and confidential.