Light Up Your World is a school-based curriculum specifically aimed at children in grades 7 & 8. Three very fun and interactive workshops help kids understand their true value and the value of others, helping them to make wise choices, reduce bullying and assist them in becoming the world changers they were born to be.

Christine’s Place launched the Muskoka branch of Light Up Your World in 2014. With our team of trained facilitators we have now conducted six workshop series in schools in our region, reaching over 275 students. If you would like to find out more about arranging to have our team come into your school, please contact info@christinesplace.org

Light & Darkness

Session one is  about creating “Light or Darkness” - Students learn that because they have the power to make a choice, they have the power to bring change. It is the student who chooses whether or not they are going to smile or frown, say a kind word or a devaluing word, be a friend or an enemy, include or exclude others.

"You" Have Value

Session two is about the students’ “Value”- teaching kids that they have immense, incredible value and worth and nothing anyone does or says can take that value away from them. They were born with it and it will remain with them all the days of their lives.

This session addresses the false labels that are often put on people through name calling or negative body language.  Students learn to reject those false labels and they are equipped to be a world changer who imparts value to those in their world.

Become a World Changer

Session three is about “Becoming a World Changer”. This session equips students with practical tools to be a world changer. The emphasis on this session is on goal setting and peer mentoring.

The student learns that a goal without a plan is just a good intention. Reaching a goal requires setting a plan into place and they will learn how to do that effectively.

Comments from students:

“You changed the way I look at the world.”   

“I feel relieved. I don’t have to pretend anymore.”   

“I didn’t know so many people feel like I do.”   

“I feel like I can make a difference in my life and in other people’s lives.”